How to Select Fabrics for a Bargello Quilt

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting | 1100 Series | Episode 1101

Bargello is a traditional needlework technique achieved through shading. Years ago some clever quilters came up with a way to make patchwork bargello. On today’s program Marianne and Liz will be showing you how to choose fabrics for a bargello quilt, how to make tubular strip sets, and how to make your design magically appear by unseeing with a seam ripper.

Nouveau Bargello is featured in Fall 2007 Easy Quilts. For another bargello quilt, look at Bittersweet.


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  1. Absolutely loved the whole show of How To Select Fabrics for a Bargello quilt. This show has inspired me to get brave and try making a Bargello quilt. I have wanted to know how to make a Bargello quilt for a long time. Your sewing chart and labeling stickers will give me the confidence that I can achieve quite a difficult pattern with your organization ideas. Thank you so much. Artzy

    Linda, 2 years ago Reply

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