Making the Diamond Four Patch Quilt

Learn how to cut and join diamonds easy with our simple instructions. Our diamond quilt tutorial shows how to piece diagonal rows, and shows examples of using unique fabrics.

Our diamonds are not coming to a sharp point at the center in this video. If it’s off a little bit, we can figure out how to make it look better. We show you the pinch test to see if it looks better and how to fix this with a slightly deeper seam.


Episode 410 – Diamond Four Patch


  1. So much for QNN-TV……………..with my paid up membership
    I am able to watch NO FULL EPISODES OF PROGRAMS at all!!!
    I’ve e-mailed you about this problem in the past and my e-mails have been IGNORED!! I realize now that my membership money
    has been totally wasted and that as long as you have the money
    you really don’t give a darn about your ‘customers’. I will NEVER
    subscribe again and will urge all of the quilters that I know to forget
    about QNNTV, period!!

    Bill Boisvert, 1 year ago Reply

    • Hello,

      I found that you have 3 different accounts. It looks like you are logging into an expired account.
      I will email you details privately. Please look for an email from Fogbugz.

      Thank you,

      sgoodwin, 1 year ago Reply

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