Allover Quilting Designs with Cheryl Malkowski, Full Episode

| May 2014 | Episode 502, Full


In this complete episode, you will learn to choose, draw, and quilt a combination of motifs that create an allover design. Cheryl shows you how to expertly stitch all the open space on your quilt. In this episode, Cheryl shows you how to stitch your design onto fabric and takes you through the process of making “finger leaves” and echoing the motif. Learn more about Cheryl and allover quilt designs in her book, Doodle Quilting.

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  1. Love this episode, not much of a doodler myself, but loved to see how Cheryl did it.

    Garda Lamb, 9 months ago Reply

  2. I think I’ve paid twice for access to the videos this year. So why can’t I see an entire show?

    Carole Hook, 2 months ago Reply

  3. I watched videos yesterday but not today. I’m going to be patient again for a few more days.

    Carole Hook, 2 months ago Reply

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