Quilting Embellished Feathers with Lisa Sipes, Part 2

| March 2014 | Episode 412, Part 2


Yes, modern quilters do feathers! Lisa Sipes loves them, and especially enjoys embellishing feathers with stitching, echoing, and adding tiny background fillers. Starting with the basic varieties of feathers, Lisa shows you how to build the designs, and how simple variations make a big impact. There’s no marking, just whimsical quilting with abandon! For more easy quilting tips visit the LongArmQuiltingShow.com. Watch more fun and easy quilting lessons at QNNtv.com or on DVD!

Check out more of Lisa’s work on her website ThatCrazyQuiltyGirl.com.

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  1. I am logged in, in fact to try and get the Lisa Sipes videos to work, I logged out and back in again. I am paid up with QCA…but the only thing that comes up when I click her videos is the preview of each Part. Can you send me any instructions to get this to work?

    DIANA MILLER, 1 year ago Reply

    • Diana– depending on which browser you’re using, you might need to refresh the page after you log in and go to the video you want to watch.

      QNNtv.com Staff

      Sheyenne, 1 year ago Reply

      • I have the same problems as Diana and tried the same things with nothing but the preview coming up. I tried refreshing the page but nothing changed. I went straight to the 400 series and tried to get the episode to load also… but it did not work. What else can I do?

        I am using a Mac with fusion to allow me to also run Windows so I am not sure if Safari or windows internet explorer is the browser that dictates the activity. I have not had any problems before

        Janet Pendleton, 1 year ago Reply

        • Janet– you get trailers when you’re not logged in. To login, go to this page: http://www.qnntv.com/log-in/
          When you’ve properly logged in, you’ll be directed to your “My Account” page.

          QNNtv.com Staff, Sheyenne

          Sheyenne, 1 year ago Reply

  2. Thank you. I’m watching the videos.

    Carole Hook, 1 month ago Reply

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