Quilting Embellished Feathers with Lisa Sipes, Part 1

| March 2014 | Episode 412, Part 1


Yes, modern quilters do feathers! Lisa Sipes loves them, and especially enjoys embellishing feathers with stitching, echoing, and adding tiny background fillers. Starting with the basic varieties of feathers, Lisa shows you how to build the designs, and how simple variations make a big impact. There’s no marking, just whimsical quilting with abandon! For more easy quilting tips visit the LongArmQuiltingShow.com. Watch more fun and easy quilting lessons at QNNtv.com or on DVD!

Check out more of Lisa’s work on her website ThatCrazyQuiltyGirl.com.

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  1. The videos don’t work lately. The 1 minute samples come up instead of the full videos. I am a member in good standing and I’ve logged in.


    David Smithers, 1 year ago Reply

    • Hi David– I’ve checked the video and it’s working correctly when I’m logged in. Have you tried logging out and logging back in? The trailers come up only for logged out members or guests. It sounds like the site is not registering that you’re logged in or your membership is expired.

      Follow up with us if you continue having troubles.
      QNNtv.com Sheyenne

      Sheyenne, 1 year ago Reply

  2. I’m sorry that you put the video on for Quilt It with Lisa Sipes. It is really terrible. I did go to her website and admit her quilting looks gorgeous…sadly she is not a teacher.

    I hope it gets better, but the 1st in her series shouldn’t even have been considered as a QNN teaching video.

    Lillian, 1 year ago Reply

  3. I love Lisa’s show..and am now a fan of hers! It’s true you can’t please everyone, and there will be some shows that interest me more than others..but I always learn something new and appreciate them all. Thank you Jodie, for having Lisa Sipes on your show!

    Pamela Goodman, 1 year ago Reply

  4. it said that I was login but all I get is a preview video I can watch the hole video. And I’m on Googl. please help me.

    Ruth Hindbaugh, 11 months ago Reply

    • We responded to your email. Thank you.

      kwesselmann, 11 months ago Reply

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