Getting Beyond Loops and Stars, Full Episode

| November 2013 | Episode 408, Full Episode


Do you have lots of quilt tops waiting to be quilted but aren’t sure how to finish them? Are you waiting until you are good enough? Learn how to master quilt top embellishment even beyond loops and stars using a longarm sewing machine, even if you’ve just begun quilting. Marie Eldredge gives you the ideas and tools to push yourself out of your comfort zone a little at a time to stretch your quilting skills and get those tops quilted! For more easy quilting tips visit the Watch more fun and easy quilting lessons at or on DVD!

APQS Longarm                            3″ Feather Border 4″X15″    Quilt It                         Quilt It 
Quilting Machine: George            Quilt Stencil                          100 Series DVD         200 Series DVD





  1. I logged in, but I am unable to access videos, Do I still have access to the vides?


    Nancy Rutkowski, 1 year ago Reply

  2. I have rejoined but have not received anything in the mail, I forgot my password and have not been able to get in to watch the videos, I would like a new password I renewed my subscription the beginning of Oct, or Nov, Please let me know thank you

    Maureen Lewis, 1 year ago Reply

  3. Where do I buy the stencils shown on this show…clamshell and feather?

    Would be helpful if you told where they came from on the program.

    Mary, 1 year ago Reply

    • Mary– You can use any stencils you like and get creative with it! This is a popular stencil: and this one is similar to the clamshell stencil used in the video: Hope this helps! Sheyenne

      Sheyenne, 1 year ago Reply

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