How to Make Feathers with Vicki Hoth, Part 2

| September 2013 | Episode 406


In her second segment of how to make feathers, Vicki Hoth applies the quilted feather to the spine with the basic quilted feather technique. Then moves on to the “bump” feather technique. She and Jodie Davis stitch out different types of quilted feathers, quilted ferns and quilted vines. Vicki then shows options in filling an area with feathers or not, and using micro quilting to fill. For more easy quilting tips visit the Watch more fun and easy quilting lessons at or on DVD!

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  1. This was a little painful to watch. If you can do feathers surely you can make a spine without a stencil.

    Janis, 1 year ago Reply

  2. Where are the video notes located? I’d just like to see some of the products you used, and where I might purchase them. Can’t seem to find the references any longer. Can anyone help?

    Rosie Westerhold, 1 year ago Reply

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