Fantastic Digitized Whole Cloth Quilts, Part 1

| August 2013 | Episode 405


Joe Cunningham tells us how he, as a longtime hand quilter, made the transition to the longarm quilting machine. He uses this new quilting tool to turn photos into whole cloth quilts. First, he talks about how and where to find an image to quilt, and what makes a good image to quilt, and how he “drew” on the image to prepare it for digitizing. Next he treats us to a song from his musical: “Joe the Quilter.” For more easy quilting tips visit the Watch more fun and easy quilting lessons at or on DVD!

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  1. I just watched Joe play and sing a nice song he wrote, displayed and talked about his “hand quilting.” I joined this to watch longarm quilters show how they quilt on their longarm machines. I’m a longarmer and need lots of ideas expecially edge-to-edge free form quilting and feathers. Please get some quilters like Dusty Ferrell, DeLoa, and those girls with all their feathers!

    Carole, 1 year ago Reply

  2. Thought was going to be about longarm quilting a whole cloth part 1. Not someone singing a song. What’s up?

    Sydney, 1 year ago Reply

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