How to Make a Simple Cross Hatch Stitched Quilt, Full Episode

| June 2013 | Episode 403


Diane Henry shows how to make a simple cross hatch stitched quilt. For years, beautiful cross hatch stitching has enhanced the look of heirloom quilts and hand quilted projects. Reproducing a cross hatch stitched look on a longarm quilting machine can seem daunting. Happily there are a number of quilting tools available to make quilting cross hatch designs easier.

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  1. Is QNN still producing new full videos? Only preview videos can be accessed. Has there been a change in viewing the current shows for members?

    Jerri G, 1 year ago Reply

    • Hi – yes, we are still producing full episodes. Please make sure you are signed in not using Internet Explorer and the full episode should appear. Thanks!

      kloeffelholz, 1 year ago Reply

  2. Great information, Diane! Thanks for sharing!

    Carol, 1 year ago Reply

  3. Wonderful information. I learned more in these episodes than I could have ever imagined. Thanks so much!

    Deborah, 1 year ago Reply

  4. I wish you’d record your Quilt It shows in a louder volume. I have the volume on highest and unless there is absolute silence in the universe I have an extremely hard time hearing. I don’t have a hearing problem, the problem is with the show itself. I can hear the advertisements that play before and after but the guests and Jodi are hardly audible. I have to sometimes put my ear to the speaker just to hear and then I’m too close to the screen to see. Please just turn up the volume when you’re recording. It would be so appreciated. Thanks so much. I do love the program but I am a little frustrated with that aspect of it.

    Jackee Richards, 1 year ago Reply

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