How to Make Magnificent Medallions with Lisa Calle (Part 2)

| March 2013 | Episode 312

With her design on the quilt, Lisa Calle demonstrates useful examples of different blocks and how they can be quilted by using template and freehand work. Be sure to watch Part 1 and Part 3 with Lisa Calle on! Check out for Quilt It! on DVD for more great quilting tips and ideas!

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  1. I have an active membership to Quilter’s Club of America. Does this not entitle me to view QNNTV shows specifically Quilt Out Loud??Or do I need to subscribe to QNNTV in order to watch the Videos?

    Lorna Broekstra, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I love the idea to use the lines from the blocks for the designing. It is very labor intensive for day to day quilting for most of my customers, but I would love to use it on some of my own quilts.

    Sandi, 2 years ago Reply

  3. Look on the quilters club of America site, specifically at the member benefits. There you will find a code to enter on the QNNTV site to redeem your free QNNTV membership, and step by stp instructions on how to do it. I just went though the process myself and it was quick nd eked fine!

    Ronna, 2 years ago Reply

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