Realistic Quilting for Pictorial Quilts with Cathy Wiggins Part 2

| November 2012 | Episode 308

Cathy Wiggins continues to show us how to use realistic quilting in our natural pictorial quilts with wood grains as the topic of this segment. Cathy shows how to duplicate the three types of wooden boards with straight grain, half knots and whole knots and suggests thread weights and stitch length for realistic results.

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  1. The instruction vedios are very helpful and were understandable. I feel confident to do minor maintenance. In fact, now I look forward to it.
    Original owner of Ultima 1, hobby quilter but want to improve and become professional.
    I am having difficulity with tension and thread breaking – but working on that too. Spent $30.00 on Superior Thread call Trilobal, varigated – not happy with results. Any suggestions on thread would be appreciated.
    Many thanks, Marilyn

    Marilyn Boettcher, 2 years ago Reply

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