Quilting Templates Tutorial with Kimmy Brunner: Part 3

Quilt It | September 2012 | Episode 306 Part 3

Kimmy Brunner continues too show us how quilting templates make our stitching more precise by showing us how she draws and stitches out her designs. She uses a special adapter pencil when drawing that adds the space the hopper foot adds when stitching around a template. She shows us the Quilters Groove Pro Line Ruler which makes stitching tiny little lines brainless. Watch to learn Kimmy’s trick for marking on white fabric without leaving any telltale marks.

Click here to learn more about this month’s episode.


  1. I have a paid membership to Quilters Club and thought these videos were a part of the benefits. I have not received any of the items you list as part of the membership that I am aware of. kw

    kay wentzel, 2 years ago Reply

    • You need to contact cusotmer service & we will gladly walk you through how to access the QNN videos without having to pay for them. 888-253-0203 Yes, they are a part of your Quilters Club membership.

      tbond, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I click on show #3 and got show #2. This is not the first time this has happened. Suggestions??

    Ginnie, 2 years ago Reply

  3. I think episode 2 is loaded twice the second one says episode 3 but it’s a repeat of 2 for me.

    PattiP, 2 years ago Reply

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