Marking Quilt Guidelines for Templates with Kimmy Brunner: Part 2

Quilt It | September 2012 | Episode 306 Part 2

Kimmy Brunner shows how to use those curvy little rulers with chalked guidelines to produce outstanding designs. She uses an 8 line stencil from Pam Clarke that makes the process of marking guidelines effortless. Accuracy is everything when stitching with templates. Kimmy stitches out samples to show just how fast and easy it is. Working with templates can increase your quilting precision dramatically!

To learn more about this month’s episode click here.

Then watch part 3 of this series on using quilting templates.


  1. Kimmy Brunner is one of the best teachers I have ever watched teach techniques for longarm quilters. I have purchased both of her dvds and it was only after I viewed her dvds that I actually learned how to square up a quilt and correct errors if your borders are a little off. For a beginner, she teaches you all the basics you need to use your machine and quilt well. I have an Avante 18 that I purchased from Handiquilter and with her guidance and a great machine I have come leaps and bounds within one very short year. I love your videos and within instructors like Kim you can’t lose. Thanks for the instruction. Gail Oates

    Gail Oates, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I tried to watch segment 3 of the current Quilt It show and it is identical to segment 2.

    Diane Linker, 2 years ago Reply

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