Thread Painting Techniques with Longarm Quilting Artist, Part 3

Quilt It | July 2012 | Episode 304, Part 3

Jodie and Ellen Anne Eddy have a blast going through a trunk show of Ellen’s quilts. She points out special thread painting techniques used on different quilts. Her hand dyed threads and fabrics and lots and lots of shiny threads are the special ingredients used to create her fantasy world created by thread painting.

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  1. I have joined and also am a member thru Quilters Club of America Why do I have to listen to this loud commercial of yours and can’t watch the programs I want to see Please tell me Every time I click on what I want i goes back to the commercial STOP IT !!!

    Barbara Stack, 2 years ago Reply

    • I joined qca but still cannot watch the ellen anne eddy video
      that I joined to watch?????????!!!!!!!

      Nancy Beliger, 2 years ago Reply

      • Be sure that you are using Google Chrome Browser, as this works best for our videos. AOL doesn’t play friendly and will give log in problems. If still unsuccessful then please call custoemr service at 888-253-0201 and we will gladly get you in and watching the videos on

        Customer Service, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Ditto the above. You accepted my money and I would like to view the video’s as promised. I understand making money to stay in business but can you not separate the commercials from the video and get on with it?

    Pat Dalrymple, 2 years ago Reply

  3. I think I’ve been ripped off this month. Real longarm quilters move the machine not the quilt.

    Carole, 2 years ago Reply

    • Hi Carole,
      Sorry you were disappointed. I try to make the point frequently that the techniques shown on the show can often be used on any type of machine. I know Ellen worked for years on a regular sewing machine. The Sweet Sixteen gives her a lot more room to work in and makes handling the quilt so much easier. But she could just have easily chosen one of the other HQ machines as well. Whatever she uses Ellen is amazing!

      jdavis, 2 years ago Reply

  4. I have been trying to see this video for a week. I have a years subscription. why do I only get the commercial and not the episode?

    Denny Webster, 2 years ago Reply

    • Denny are you sure you’re logged in?

      jdavis, 2 years ago Reply

  5. I just watched Ellen Eddy. WOW Soooo Inspiring and creative. I am definately going to put her books on my shopping list

    Gillian Whaites, 2 years ago Reply

  6. This episode froze part way through – at the discussion about surgery for the fish. I’ve tried to reaccess, but it takes me to Part 3 instead of Part 1.

    Ann M Alpert, 2 years ago Reply

  7. please tell me how to watch the second and third parts of Ellen Anne Eddy

    Florence Stroup, 2 years ago Reply

  8. I was a member but got tired of all of the commercials leading up to the videos. If I am paying for the videos, that is all I want to see….

    Marcia Tilton, 2 years ago Reply

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