How to Use Templates with Debby Brown

Quilt It | January | Episode 210, Full Episode

Debby Brown’s video explains various quilting tools and templates that are essential to making a perfect quilt. For more great quilting tips watch Quilt It online at or on DVD! To find unique templates for your quilt projects visit to

Hint: Click on the photos below to view Quilt It 200 series DVD and template sets!





  1. I enjoyed so much I have to try for myself-have ordered the rulers and base. wish me luck.

    midge, 3 years ago Reply

  2. I truly enjoyed Debbie’s shows on tools. I plan on ordering the tools and the base. I have some rulers but watching this, I truly need a base and the circles. Having the tools with out knowledge I was lost. The instructions are so informative I want to start right away. Having QNNtv at my finger tips is truly a blessing. I can wacth shows over and over. Thanks for your great site. diann2

    diann2, 3 years ago Reply

  3. What an eye opener. Debby Brown is an amazing quilter. I’ll look at my rulers in a much different way from here on, and I plan on ordering some new ones ASAP.

    Norma Jean Kroos, 3 years ago Reply

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