The Secret Ingredients: Adventure & Fascination Quilts

Quilt It | November | Episode 208, Part 2

Judy designs both pantographs-a repeated pattern-and pictograms, which have no repeats over the entire pattern. These are very pictorial quilting designs and often show up best on solid or plain fabrics. Judy points out the secret ingredients of Adventure and Fascination in quilt after beautiful quilt and shows how a simple quilt can be embellished with great stitching.

Then watch Part 3 on adding Culture & Discovery to quilts.

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  1. I am really enjoying Judy Lyons’ examples. The picto-gram is something I never thought of doing. That is, designing my own picture in a thread design on paper and using it like a a panto-gram. Cool idea.

    Leonore Misner, 3 years ago Reply

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