Make Quilting Patterns by Tracing with Art & Stitch, Part 2

Quilt It | October | Episode 207, Part 2

Loes van der Heijden proves you don’t need to know how to draw to design quilting patterns on Art and Stitch. Loes takes a digital photo of a simple doodle, inserts the camera card into the computer, and opens it in Art and Stitch quilt software. She traces the doodle and within minutes that doodle becomes a beautiful quilt pattern.

Short Takes on Longarm Quilting with Vicki Hoth
Vicki loves to doodle to free her creative spirit, develop new designs, and practice eye/hand coordination. She shows items that are readily available to help you loosen up and practice doodling creative designs for longarm quilting anywhere, anytime.

Then watch part 3 on how to use the Art & Stitch quilting software further with design tools.

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