Keep Quilt Straight & Flat Off the Longarm Quilting Machine, Part 1

Quilt It! | September | Episode 206, Part 1

In this video, Jodie Davis welcomes Kimmy Brunner who was the 2009 machine quilting teacher of the year.
Part 1 of this episode shows how to keep your quilt straight and flat when coming off the longarm quilting machine.

There is nothing more discouraging to a beginner than to work very hard on a quilt, take it off the machine, and find out that it doesn’t lay flat on the table. Some people don’t know what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening on your next quilt. So watch the video and learn all of Kimmy’s tips to create a perfectly flat quilt with straight lines.

Then watch part 2 which discusses how to make straight quilt seams.


  1. Welcome back Kimmy love your way of teaching us, smooth and easy . Cheers Jeannette

    jeannette, 3 years ago Reply

  2. On esp#206. When you baste the sides of the quilt, do you baste just length of the quilt or just a few inches from the rail?

    Norma Hector, 3 years ago Reply

    • When I baste the sides of the quilt, I baste down the sides as far as I can in the visible area…I repeat as I roll the quilt.

      Marge Campbell, 3 years ago Reply

    • I saw you baste the on side (left side). 1) do you do both sides the same? 2) What size stitches do you use and are they the same on both sides. I am new and trying to improve a bunch. Your show was most helpful

      Carroll, 3 years ago Reply

  3. Please…more episodes like #206 for those of us who are new to longarming. This was VERY helpful!

    Betsy, 3 years ago Reply

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  12. Are we unable to watch the 200 series shows on a mobile device like an iPad?

    Vernalgrandma, 1 year ago Reply

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