Essential Quilting Tools for Success

Quilt It | Kay Capps Cross-Week 3 | Episode 204

Now it’s time to start quilting. Kay Capps Cross opens her carry bag and begins pulling out her must-have tools starting with a pair of good small scissors. Next comes a hardware apron where she can stash all those thread snips that mustn’t find their way into the machine followed by a supply of good quality thread by YLI. She pulls out a long sampler covered with all sorts of quilting designs. In no-stress quilting perfection is not required and is no fun at all for Kay. If you break a design into parts, it becomes easy to do.

Mark off the space you want to quilt, fill it, and then move on to the next space when finished. She demonstrates by drawing several connected spaces with chalk and begins thread painting a bark and tree design. Hobbs Bonded Fiber wool batting is Kay’s choice as she feels it defines the stitching best.

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  1. I really enjoyed watching this video. I like the look of the varigated thread one the black fabric. Learned a few things. Thanks!

    nena, 2 years ago Reply

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