Selecting the Proper Quilting Pattern for Your Quilt

Quilt It | Kay Capps Cross-Week 2 | Episode 204

How do you choose the way to quilt the quilt is Kay Capps Cross’ topic in this segment. She shows Jodie a stack of quilts and discusses why she chose the quilting pattern used for each quilt. A flower pot was the design of one of the quilts. She added flowers to the pot by quilting them in. This is an example of using the fabric and design in front of you. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. It’s adding a layer that continues the story of the quilt. Another quilt had such a strong design that she didn’t want the quilting to get in the way of the design. What is Kay’s best advice? Keep it simple. If you break the pieced or appliqued design of a quilt into segments, it’s not so overwhelming to figure out how to quilt the design.

Then watch part 3 of this series on the different quilting tools she uses.


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