How to Make Quilting Easy with Kay Capps Cross

Quilt It | Kay Capps Cross-Week 1 | Episode 204

Kay Capps Cross is all about making the quilting process easier. She gives quilters a lot of reasons to quilt projects on your own. Above all, simplify your life! Empty your closets by finishing your stack of quilt tops. Listen to each quilt to determine what style and the story it needs to complete it. It is critical that you closely follow the quilting instructions to make her great designs, whether it is quilted with a simple or a more complex design. The quilting is the frosting on the cake. You will have complete creative control when you quilt your own projects. You’re adding another layer to the quilt by highlighting the design and adding texture. She demonstrates that the idea is to keep quilting by finding paths to stitch continuously. If your finished quilt looks as if it needs more quilting, put it right back on the machine and stitch some more.

Then watch part 2 of this series on selecting a quilting pattern for your quilt.

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