Making a Whole Cloth Quilt with Thread Stitching

Quilt It | Sue Patten-Week 2 | Episode 203

Our introduction to Sue’s technique begs the question, is this a whole cloth quilt? A thread art quilt is definitely one piece of cloth, but it has a whole lot more thread stitched on it and less quilting texture than a whole cloth quilt.

Sue takes us through each step in making her designs, beginning with getting a design on the fabric and then right to the stitching by tracing the design with thread. Watch as the fun begins playing with the thread exchanges and see the design begins to come to life.

Short Takes on Longarm Quilting with Vicki Hoth

What do you do to keep your machine working smoothly? Vicki gives you the scoop starting with the all-important (and often overlooked) advice: oil your machine every time you change the bobbin. These machines run hard so they need some TLC, but knowing the “do’s and don’ts” is important. For example, don’t use canned air to clean these inside areas but it is good for cleaning up your work area. Follow Vicki’s tips to keep your longarm stitching along perfectly.

Then watch the 3rd Part of this video showing off her artistic quilting with shading techniques.


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