How to Fit a Quilting Pattern onto the Quilt

Quilt It | Sue Schmieden-Week 3 | Episode 202

The quilt is loaded on the machine and perfectly squared. Now it’s time to fit the quilting pattern to the quilt. Sue Schmieden introduces the PatternGrid, a tool designed for pattern quilting. The PatternGrid is 18? wide x 12′ long and is marked in a grid pattern. Made of plastic, you can draw on the grid with wet erase markers making your pattern fit the quilt. The PatternGrid can be used to place parts of a pattern the same distance away from the edges of your quilts and can also be used to design your own patterns. Sue shows us everyday items that are great design tools for quilting such as cookie cutters, sticky notes and wooden craft shapes. Just trace directly onto the quilt and free motion stitch to connect.

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