Tips & Tricks to Load Quilt Fabric onto a Quilting Frame

Quilt It | Sue Schmieden-Week 2 | Episode 202

Sue has shown us how to use her Quick Zip System™ to get the quilt loaded onto the quilting frame. Now she shows us tips and tricks to make the whole process smoother. She demonstrates how to roll the quilt perfectly by gently keeping the edges straight and the quilt and backing square. Sue likes to load her quilts with the backing seam horizontal rather than vertical and shows us how to compensate when that’s not possible. Next step is loading the batting between the layers. Handi Batting Scissors are used to trim the excess fabric away, and the top basting edge is completed.

Then watch part 3 on how to fit a quilting pattern onto the quilt fabric area.

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  1. this is a great demo for when you have a perfectly straight and square quilt top. What are some tricks for a less than square quilt?

    Robin, 3 years ago Reply

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