How to Properly Load a Quilt on a Longarm Frame

Quilt It | Sue Schmieden-Week 1 | Episode 202

Getting the quilt loaded on the frame properly is the first step in being a star quality longarm quilter. The Quick Zip System™ was born when Sue Schmieden wanted to get a quilt on and off the longarm machine quickly. As Sue demonstrates, the zippers are labeled and numbered so you’ll know what goes where. One side is sewn to the machine. Its mate gets pinned or basted to the quilt.

Then watch part 2 on tips & tricks on loading the fabric on to the quilting frame.


  1. I truly enjoyed this episode of loading a quilt. I’d like to purchase the zippers. Please help me in finding this store.
    Thanks in advance for your reply. Evita

    Evita Piepho, 3 years ago Reply

  2. Being very new to machine quilting, this is the sort of thing I need. Basic and variations on basics. What’s out there. Difference of mid and long arm. I love show quilts and how it’s done but I’m betting the majority of viewers just do it for their own enjoyment. A long arm is a big investment and I bought the wrong one but I need to figure it out now that I own it.

    Melany Minney, 3 years ago Reply

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