How to Start Freemotion Quilting with Judy Woodworth, Week 1

Quilt It! | Judy Woodworth | Episode 205, Part 1

In this video, Jodie Davis welcomes Judy Woodworth to discuss her book called “Freemotion Quilting”. When Jodie asked about why she is so interested in free motion quilting, she stated- “It’s so much fun. So many people are worried about their quilt and think everything has to be perfect. And this would help mellow people, which will ensure they are having a lot more fun.”

Her book is loaded with freemotion quilting patterns and inspirational ideas.

Then she shows how to start freemotion quilting by getting the quilt set up. The boundary lines are marked with circles which encloses the area so you can stitch your thread freely. Near the end, she includes a bunch of impressive free motion quilted projects.


  1. This video does not appear after selecting it for viewing. I can view the others by the same quilter, but not this one.

    Sharon Naylor, 1 year ago Reply

  2. None of the Judy Woodworth videos show up to view when you click on them!

    Paula, 1 year ago Reply

    • Hello Paula,

      Please clean your cookies/cache, restart your internet and try viewing the videos again.
      Also, we have found that we have the best viewing results when we use the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

      Thank you
      Customre Service

      sgoodwin, 1 year ago Reply

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