Turning a Blank Slate into a Beautiful Colorful Quilt

Quilt It | Irena Bluhm-Week 3 | Episode 111

Now it’s time to do the actual coloring of the designs. Irena shows us how to turn a blank slate into a beautiful colorful quilt. Coloring with colored pencils is so easy to do. It’s hard to explain so Irena shows us the process.

The more pressure put on the pencil, the more color. Less pressure equals less color. Depth is added with shading. It’s just like using a coloring book by staying within the lines. Nothing special is required; just regular colored pencils.

After coloring in the design, it is fixed to make it permanent using textile medium. Delta brand is user friendly and doesn’t run or soak through to the back. Irena recommends fixing after coloring in a design motif. If you don’t fix as you go, you run the risk of transferring color to your background. Your hand must rest on uncolored areas. To apply the medium, use very simple inexpensive brushes. Use just enough medium to make the design wet. It dries in about an hour. The quilt can then be washed. Irena stresses that anyone can be an artist. All that’s needed is for someone to show you how and then you just do it.

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  1. I have been trying to watch Irena Bluhm’s video and can only get the previews. What is happening? Help!!

    Kathy Ozol, 2 years ago Reply

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