David Taylor’s Stunning Pictorial Quilts

Quilt It | David Taylor-Week 1 | Episode 110

David Taylor makes the most stunning pictorial, award winning quilts that are so realistic they are often mistaken for photographs. The way he gets that result is with threadwork that he does with his longarm quilting machine. David demonstrates how he achieves the realistic look and also how he teaches longarm quilting so you can learn some of his tricks. He stitches in the direction things move or grow and believes that practice is the key to becoming perfect.

David has his students make a quilt sandwich using a fabric from their quilt to practice with. Then they develop a stitching rhythm. No matter the speed, it is consistency that counts. It is also important to never turn the quilt when stitching, just move to the north, south, east or west. Some quilters think you must have one continuous line of stitching. David doesn’t agree and he changes threads constantly as explained in part 3 of this series on longarm quilting with a appliqued flower. However, he carefully begins and ends so that these changes are impossible to detect.

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