Freehand Stitching Fancy Chicken Quilt Design

Quilt It | DeLoa Jones-Week 3 | Episode 109

DeLoa is known for her fanciful chicken quilt designs which are all done with freehand stitching. She usually uses lots of different colored YLI threads in these free hand designs, however for this demonstration she keeps it simple. Metallic threads would add extra bling to the design. The eyes are stitched in first going round and round giving the chicken personality. Then she adds feathers around the eyes and stitches plumes off the top of the head, then wings and a tail with swirls and curlicues, all stitched freehand. After layers of free hand stitching the chicken quilt design is ready to color using the method you like best. Next it’s time to add extra bling with beads and sequins. This happy chick is now ready to frame or use in other quilting projects. For more information on this episode visit!

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