Feather Stitch Instructions & Using Kitchen Tools as Templates

Quilt It | DeLoa Jones-Week 2 | Episode 109

DeLoa shows Jodie that items borrowed from the kitchen can be used as templates. She places canning lids on the quilt to use as spacing, one at each end and an odd number placed equal distances apart in between. She draws an undulating line around them to use as the spine for a feathered design. Teardrops are stitched freehand along that line. It’s important to practice stitching both forward and backward. Echo stitching makes the design pop and the background can be done in stippling. DeLoa sometimes adds a wool batting in addition to a regular bat for extra loft. Her book “Basics of Feathering” gives many tips for successful feather stitching.

Then watch part 3 as DeLoa adds decorative designs with freehand stitching.

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  1. You should be able to watch all of them. make sure you are logged in and if you bookmarked videos froom the old site, know that those bookmarks won’t work.
    Click on “Browse Shows” above and you’ll see Quilt It! listed. You can then watch all the shows in all the series.

    jdavis, 3 years ago Reply

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