Using Applique Tools Called the Appliguide

Quilt It | DeLoa Jones-Week 1 | Episode 109

DeLoa Jones is a machine quilter who has developed tools and techniques to meld her hand quilting background to machine quilting. She first shows Jodie the Appliguide tool which keeps the hand steady giving a nice smooth line when quilting around applique motifs. It has a beveled under edge so it moves smoothly over embellishments. The tool slides over the machine foot and your hand lies flat on the tool which helps avoid carpel tunnel problems. The Boomerang tool is used to quickly and accurately stitch cross hatching. In her demonstration DeLoa uses yellow YLI machine stitching thread so it will show up. Normally, she would use YLI invisible thread.

In part 2 DeLoa shows her feather stitching process, along with other unique stitches.

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