Free Hand Quilting Echoing from Motif to Motif

Quilt It | Suzanne Earley-Week 2 | Episode 108

Suzanne does some practice stitching as you would on a quilt. She stitches from motif to motif using various sizes to fill the space effectively. Free Hand Quilt Echoing is an additional way to move from one motif to another and also helps if there is any fullness in the quilt. She likes to echo at least once around each motif. You want to use several motifs, but there’s no specific order. There’s no formula in free hand quilting…it’s supposed to be free form. If you wanted uniformity you’d use a pentagram.

Watch part 3 of this series on meandering quilts here.

Short Takes on Longarm Quilting
Vicki Hoth – Micro Quilting
Vicki shows examples of how micro quilting around a larger motif defines that design. She suggests shortening the stitches for micro quilting and demonstrates micro handles attached to the machine which provides more control for this small stitching. Jodie tries her hand at micro stitching and finds it is fast and easy.

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