Get Creative with Meandering Quilting Methods

Quilt It | Suzanne Earley-Full Episode | Episode 108

Quilting is Suzanne Earley’s passion. She has been a professional longarm quilter for 8 years and is a multitasker as wife, mother, author, longarm machine quilting teacher, designer and entrepreneur with her nuts and bolts and on-line fabric and yarn shop, Knots and Bolts, located in eastern Iowa. Designs in her two books are based on a large meander that becomes the spine for many different kinds of embellishments. Suzanne shows how to get creative stitching freehand using her meandering quilting magic methods.

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  1. I have been watchng long arm quilting and they say to get the information on the different products they show to go to the episode notes but when I go to I can’t find anything. Where do I look.

    Frances Jamison, 2 years ago Reply

    • To find the episode notes go the the link that says “More info about this episode..etc.” about three inches below the video. It opens a page that has all the episodes listed. Just scroll down until you see Previous Episodes. Click on more episodes to find all of the episodes listed. Click on the episode you want and you will find the episode notes on that page. Hope this helps.

      Tami, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I am looking for your book: Meander Magic. I know it is out of print, but is there any way to get one of these books? New or used? Please let me know.

    Debbie Rummer, 1 month ago Reply

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