Embellishing & Stitching a Butterfly on a Quilt

Quilt It | Jamie Wallen-Week 3 | Episode 105

Jamie demonstrates how to stitch the butterfly on the quilt. The body is made from couched eyelash yarn which he winds around his hand several times and then twists to form the head and slender body. The prepared yarn is embellished on the quilt which is slipped under the machine foot and couched in place. Using YLI thin metallic thread Jamie then stitches in the wings, then adds texture lines to give a web look to the upper wings and a pebble design to the lower. He outlines the wings with a sketching line to avoid thread buildup. Have no fear and play with the thread to add an antenna, tendrils, and whatever suits your fancy.

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  1. What a disappointment. Sorry I bothered with it. Jamie was great but the show was not what you said it would be. Boo on you!

    Carol, 7 months ago Reply

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