New Techniques in Embellishment, Full Episode

Quilting Celebrations | April 2012 | Episode 202, Full Episode

In this episode of Quilting Celebrations, Susan Cleveland from Pieces Be With You joins Patrick and offers some new techniques for appliqué and embellishment. Susan brings a great show and tell of her work to share with us and you’ll love seeing the intricate details she uses to embellish her smaller quilts. She also shows off the latest jewelry she found on her travels in Arizona!

At the Koala Studio, Susan joins Patrick to show some of her meticulous techniques for creating quilts in fun and unexpected shapes. You’ll also learn how she creates her trademark piping.

Learn to make decorative prairie points the way Susan does and use them to add pizazz to your next quilting project. She also shows us how to apply the piping we made in segment 2 and finish her Happy Daisy mini quilt. Join us for a springtime of Quilting Celebrations.


  1. I am frustrated as I belong to Quilters Club of America~and I thought l am supposed to get QNNTV as a part of that membership! I am unable to get any of the videos. Maybe I just don’t remember my password. Could you please check your records and see if I am supposed to get it? I get all the emails.
    Another thing~ when I get the emails and they say you can watch the videos for the 1st week for free, well I could view it with the 1st set, but now this week I go to view the Susan Cleveland & Jennifer Day segments, and it wants me to pay/join to view! And at the top it says free viewing for a week!
    What am I doing wrong? Are they free or not? Am I a member or not? Please advise and thank you!

    Judi Thelander, 3 years ago Reply

    • As a Quilters Club of America member, to activate your Free one year QNNTV membership, please go to the Quilters Club of America website for instructions.
      Thank you,
      Customer service

      ysmith, 2 years ago Reply

  2. So very well done,clear instruction.

    Mary Jayne Griep, 3 years ago Reply

  3. Good morning,.
    I just finished watching the QNNTV episode of QC with Susan Cleveland. At the end Patrick commented that a pattern of Susan’s was available on the website.
    I’ve looked and can not find that pattern, can you help me?

    Rosane West, 2 years ago Reply

  4. I have tried the shopping page for one month and for a year with qca4qnn but all I get is that awful music and then a screen that tells me to go to the bottom to order. Then I do not get a shopping papge I get Mary Fons. I don’t want Mary Fons, I want to be able to watch what I choose. I choose New Techniques in Embellishments. If I click on the photo or name for NTiE I once again get the 40 second preview telling me to go to the bottom….
    and I got “Post Your Comments”.
    I have been a member since November and I haven’t been able to see but one video. That was today when I somehow got to “pay” and move on to watch The Amish Touch.
    I will keep trying but if you can tell me what I am doing wrong I would sure appreciate it.

    Judith Dembowski, 2 years ago Reply

    • Judith it sounds as though you are not logged in, and also that you may have discovered that and solved your own problem. Next time be sure to first look for “login” at the top rght of the screen. Once you do that you’ll be in business. If you have any questions call customer service at 888-253-0201

      jdavis, 2 years ago Reply

  5. I loved the program by Susan Cleveland, but Patrick Lose said there was a free pattern “Show Your Colors” by Susan on the web site…I could not find it. Could you help?

    Pat Scull, 2 years ago Reply

  6. Thanks, Mary Jayne :)

    Rosane and Pat – I’m sorry the pattern wasn’t posted on the site yet. I had a death in the family and was away from my studio for a couple of weeks. Below is the link to Susan’s pattern and we’ll get it posted on the website as soon as possible. It’s about half way down the page. Thanks for watching!!


    Patrick, 2 years ago Reply

  7. Video stopped at 21:22 minutes and never recovered, so missed the good stuff. They were just starting to show the ‘How To’ part. :-(((
    What happened????

    PAMELA THOMASON, 2 years ago Reply

  8. I am unable to get any videos to come up. It states that I have purchased same and to press play however, there is no video showing to press play just information.????????

    Pauline Sandoval, 1 year ago Reply

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