The “Crowning” Details with Jessica Jones

Quilting Celebrations | February 2012 | Episode 112, Part 1

In the final show of our first season we spend some time on the process of creating a quilt’s “crowning” details. What determines how a quilt will be quilted? What is the separate design process that happens after a quilt top is finished? Patrick welcomes long arm quilter, Jessica Jones, back to the show to answer these and more questions about quilting to help take the mystique out of technique. Join Jessica and Patrick in the first segment as they share a show-and-tell of Patrick’s quilts beautifully quilted by Jessica for his new book, Special Delivery Quilts #2. Jessica is a true artist and has lots to share for beginning and experienced quilters, alike.

You can watch the full episode here or watch the rest with Part 2 and Part 3 here.


  1. I joined Quiltered Club of America and was suppose to receive a membership to They were suppose to have signed me up with you. But I have NOT been able to watch any programs.


    Brenda VanHoy, 3 years ago Reply

    • As a Quilters Club of America member, to activate your Free one year QNNTV membership, please go to the Quilters Club of America website for instructions.
      Thank you,
      Customer service

      ysmith, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I love to watch Jessica and her mother quilt, It is so easy for them.
    I know it must have taken months to be so profichent at it.
    I would love to get to the point of not being afraid, which will
    probably be years.
    I have a Husqavarna-Viking Ruby Designer, which is computerized.
    I think it’s not as easy, but I do have a thousand beautiful designs,
    I am so lucky, I have wanted one like this all my life. It does beautiful
    embroidery also. Keep up the good work, Jessica.

    Sharon Peters, 2 years ago Reply

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