Lily’s Valentine’s Day Gift, Part 2

Quilting Celebrations | January 2012 | Episode 111, Segment 2

In segment two, Kay Capps Cross joins Patrick at the Koala Sewing Studio to learn how to make the front of the pillow’s quilted covering including the appliqué letters and quilting details. Patrick shows a neat trick for preparing the pillow’s corners for adding purchased trim and removing bulk. To finish the segment, learn how easy it is to add a whimsical pom pom fringe to this, or any of your sewing projects.

Then watch the last Part 3 of this series here.


  1. cute going to look at the designs on your web site.
    i will be making one for each granddaughter but to reflect their rooms color.

    Carylanne, 3 years ago Reply

  2. I cannot find a link to see the designs or the on line pattern for the appliqué, can you please list that link here. I check every week for the videos

    Carylanne, 3 years ago Reply

  3. Hi Carylanne – The pattern and optional machine embroidery applique files will be available at next week when the full episode of the show airs! Thanks for watching :)


    Patrick, 3 years ago Reply

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