Eric Drexler from Sulky Shows How To Embellish With Thread

Quilting Celebrations | December 2011 | Episode 110, Part 1

On this episode let’s spend some time learning about embellishing with thread. Patrick’s guest is Eric Drexler from Sulky of America. In the first segment, Eric shows Patrick lots of wonderful pieces that he’s created using Sulky threads to embellish fabric prints and create treasures. The pieces are beautifully painted with thread and you won’t want to miss this amazing show and tell.

Then watch Part 2 and Part 3 of this series here.

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  1. Eric Drexler is a master on embellishing with thread. His stiches
    are perfect, his blending is perfect, if I could get to even a fourth
    of his talent I would cry with delight.

    What masterpieces, Eric

    Thanks for sharing your talent, Eric

    Sharon Peters, 3 years ago Reply

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