How to Create a Beautiful Summer Tablescape

Quilting Celebrations | June | Episode 104/Full June Episode

This is our full video on how to make a summer table scape using quilting techniques with Patrick Lose. Patrick gives tips on making the table topper. He also learns how to make perfect mitered corners.

Episode 104/Full June Episode


  1. Nancy we’re working on it. The naughty videos have to be reloaded on the system which takes time. FYI we re-encoded ALL of the over 1,300 videos for the new site so they would be better quality. A few apparently went wonky.

    jdavis, 3 years ago Reply

  2. Lisa, Look at the top right of the page. Click where it says “login” and you’ll be able to enter your username and password. That’s it!

    jdavis, 3 years ago Reply

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