How to Bind a Quilt, Part 2 of 2

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In this second of two episodes on binding, Katy shows how to machine stitch the binding onto the quilt. She demonstrates the two methods of finishing– first, the hand stitching method, which produces a beautiful finish, and then the more robust machine stitching method. Get your quilt bound to perfection! It couldn’t be simpler! Stay tuned for more Quilt Monkey on!


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  1. I have tried repeatedly to watch the QuiltMonkey binding video. I have logged in/out of your site, deleted information per your FAQ page, tried entering thru the Quilters Club of America site, and all to no avail. So how does a PAYING member watch these videos that I have PAID to watch. This is NOT the first time I’ve encountered this issue, rather it appears to be the norm for this site. This is absolutely the WORST site I have ever had the pleasure to use. Why can’t you fix this? Obviously, I am a bit frustrated right now, but with good reason! Can you please reply?

    Cathie, 2 months ago Reply

  2. OK – so I just posted a comment one minute ago and your site identifies that it was posted 6 hours ago! Amazing – Really? It this website so messed up that it can’t even record time accurately?

    Cathie, 2 months ago Reply

  3. Please fix this video. It is NOT the full video that we are PAYING for.

    Krystal R, 2 months ago Reply

    • Hi Krystal, I checked the video and the full 20 minute video is in place. Is it possible you’re not logged in? Perhaps you might try logging out and logging back in. Sheyenne

      Sheyenne, 1 month ago Reply

  4. I have full membership till the end of the year but I cannot
    access the videos. Do QNNTV care at all about customers
    or customer service?
    I for one will not renew my membership.
    Like Cathie, I too have logged in logged out
    tried Google chrome Firefox and still cannot access the videos.
    WHY? WHY? WHY?

    Ciara, 1 month ago Reply

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