How To Pick Fabrics For Your Next Quilt

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Ever get stumped…at the very beginning of a project? Mary helps you figure out what fabrics to use in your next masterpiece. (Thanks to Quilty fan Lori Parker for suggesting this episode!) Mary uses Black Arrow from Quilty Nov/Deb ’13 as an example for choosing different color schemes.

The quilt in the background, Crosswalk, can be found in Quilty Jan/Feb ’14. For more quilting tips and techniques visit and watch free Quilty episodes on and Quilty’s Facebook! Check out Quilty on DVD available at


Black Arrow digital pattern                  Crosswalk digital pattern               Quilty Jan/Feb ’14 digital issue


  1. That was very helpful. Thank you! It is a problem I struggle with every time I go buy fabric. I get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

    Antonella Orlando, 11 months ago Reply

  2. Great show! Thanks for all the useful tips.

    Elaine, 11 months ago Reply

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