Choosing The Right Machine

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So you want to buy a sewing or quilting machine. Where to start? Where to go? Linda and Mary help you out, and you’ll learn great tips along the way. For more quilting tips and techniques visit and watch free Quilty episodes on and Quilty’s Facebook! Visit to get your Quilty subscription!

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  1. I like the comment about sewing machine I shop around time and money is a key. I like your show quilty.

    zoraida, 11 months ago Reply

  2. Thanks for another great video, this was quite helpful! Also, that’s a beautiful quilt in the background, do you have the pattern name?

    Mimi Craft, 11 months ago Reply

  3. I was disappointed that you didn’t talk about features to look for when shopping for a machine. We all know where to shop, but what should we look for?
    Maybe we are not conversant with the technology, or even the practicality, of some of the recent improvements in sewing machines.

    We can’t expect a dealer to tell us what features his machines don’t have. So we have to know what to look for.
    Thank you for the free videos.

    Mary Ann, 10 months ago Reply

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