Blocks-A-Go-Go: Resonance

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Heather Kinion joins Mary to go over a challenging quilt block that yields the gorgeous, unique quilt Resonance from Quilty May/June 2014. The quilt blocks in Resonance look difficult, but Mary and Heather make building these blocks simple by using pre-cut strips and interfacing. Pick up the Resonance quilt kit or digital pattern at

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Fusible Interfacing       Quilty May/June 2014 digital issue        Resonance digital pattern


  1. Hey Mary, as I’m watching the Blocks a go go videos I wonder if it’s possible to have the actual finished quilt of the block on display? I would imagine that those of us who are very visual learners would find it EVER SO HELPFUL to see the finished quilt.

    Carol vega, 1 year ago Reply

  2. I learn something new thinking taking class. thank you.

    zoraida, 1 year ago Reply

  3. Mary,

    Could you perhaps have a show for us newbies on “how to prepare your quilt top for the Longarmer”, please?

    1. Trimming threads – like when is enough. I don’t want my back to look like a pair of 1970’s frade jean shorts!!
    2. Ironing
    3. Transporting the quilt & back. Should we fold or roll on a pool noodle?
    4. Do we bring the batting & thread?
    5. What’s the average turn around time???
    6. Does the longarmer do the binding? We would supply?

    Hope this can be one of your Quilty show topics soon! You’ve helped us create so many great block that have turned into great quilts that times up! too many quilt tops but no completed quilts quilted or bound.

    Jolene Shindler, 1 year ago Reply

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