How To Change Your Rotary Cutter Blade

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Mary demonstrates how to safely change the blade on your rotary cutter and offers an alternative for those who aren’t comfortable using a rotary cutter. Mary says safety first-always wear a glove when cutting close to your fingers. Find replacement blades at For more quilting tips and techniques, visit and watch free Quilty episodes on and Quilty’s Facebook!

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  1. Pop up identifies the little rotary cutter as 21mm, but it’s 28mm. :)

    Bethany Wise, 1 year ago Reply

  2. Good info! Don’t forget about the Accuquilt Go for cutting. It is wonderful!

    Peggy in MO, 1 year ago Reply

  3. Yikes!!!!

    Instead of touching the edges of the blade of the rotary cutter, I use 2 small stiff cardboard rectangles to catch and manoeuvre the old and new blade. I dump off the old blade onto a small rectangle of card stock waiting on my cutting mat. Then I turn over the new blade from its plastic container onto the protruding peg of the rotary cutter without touching the edges using another card to encourage it to set correctly on the peg. I then reassemble the rotary cutter as usual. Then I use the first card stock rectangle to slide the old blade safely in the plastic container to dispose of the old blade safely. Please do not touch the edges of the rotary blade!!!!

    C Walker, 1 year ago Reply

    • I shuttered when I saw her pick up the blades on the cutting edges.

      Sarah Miller, 1 year ago Reply

  4. Any suggestions on how to get multiple blades apart to install one?

    I buy the pack that has 3-5 blades in it and they do like to stay together.

    I have been just dumping them into my hand and sliding them apart very carefully, but then the oil does come off.

    Dolly Hollander, 1 year ago Reply

  5. I agree with C. Walker. Yikes!!!

    I would never touch the edges of the rotary cutter blades. The thought makes me shiver……when I saw Mary do it, my jaw dropped open. These things are rolling razor blades. I say again: Yikes!

    I use pieces of cardboard and, occasionally, fine needle nose pliers (actually they are hemostats) to pick up the blade…being careful not to touch the edges of the new blade—wouldn’t want to dull or chip it.

    Mary… you have some secret to touching the edges safely, or are you just brave?


    Pat S., 1 year ago Reply

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