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In this Quilty episode, we’re going back to basics! Mary gives a few sewing machine tips that are especially helpful to beginner quilters. Enjoy learning about sewing machines in this informative quilting video!

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  1. on your sewing machine tips you did not mention cleaning your machine. Many years ago I learned from my mother in law to keep machine clean and oiled. I am aware that some of todays machines do not require this, but some of us still use vintage machines. My mother in laws 50 year old Singer continues to have a beautiful balanced stitch. It has stood the test of time and her mother board will never crash!!
    Thank you
    Donna Johnson
    Merrillville IN

    Donna Johnson, 1 year ago Reply

  2. On sewing machine tips you mentioned that you should never pull the thread back out of the machine. I was also told this but for a very different reason. I was told by doing that you mess up the tention on the machine.
    Independence, KY

    Linda, 1 year ago Reply

  3. You are such a goofball, I love to watch you! Where do you live, I want to be friends…LOL (not kidding though)

    Laurel Simon, 1 year ago Reply

  4. When your thread lies horizontally in your machine, don’t forget to put on the white end cap on the thread spool. Someone working on sewing around quilt at our church was very upset that the Janome machine wouldn’t sew properly. They had forgotten to put on the end cap. It is sometimes hard for volunteers to make sewing machines work if they are unfamiliar with them.

    Lila Beeck, 1 year ago Reply

  5. […] Utilize resources. Just with every other step of my quilting, I watched a Quilty video to learn the in's and out's of a sewing machine. (Mary's face in the picture perfectly […]

    Learning Sewing Basics - QCA Rachel's 1st Quilt - Quilters Club of America, 6 months ago Reply

  6. You should also have added about cleaning the sewing machine. I believe, it is very vital.

    Sam Brown, 1 month ago Reply

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