Meet A Modern Quilter featuring Emily Lang

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This quilting video is part of the “Meet A Modern Quilter” series of Quilty. In this episode, get to know Emily Lang, a rising star in the modern quilting world. She’s relatively new to the quilting scene, but she has a lot to offer. She has a fascination with miniature quilts and teensy blocks, and her quilting is always evolving. Emily also shows some bags she quilted.



Doll Quilt Digital Pattern               Sulky Totally Stable           Bits and Pieces


  1. wow i want to learn that but i am baby biginner in quity ok nice view.

    zoraida, 1 year ago Reply

  2. hello, thank you for showing Emily Lang. I have a question – how do you get those little “feet” on the bottom of that bag. I made a big yoga tote with squared off corners and am thinking how nice if it could stand up. Or even better, have wheels!

    Janel Barthe, 1 year ago Reply

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