How to Form Secondary Quilt Blocks

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Some quilts, like Heart of the Ocean, have what’s called secondary quilt blocks. We’ll analyze this quilt and see how these secondary quilt blocks form as you construct the primary ones. A design wall helps with this process. Be sure to check out the Heart of the Ocean quilt in the January/February issue of Quilty magazine, we even have a quilt kit to make it exactly like the video!

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Quilty January February       Heart of the Ocean Quilt Kit           Fons & Porter Design Wall










  1. Where can I find directions for the quilt on the wall behind Mary?
    I think it is called Northbound. Love your videos and watch them every week. I am not a new quilter but I love your fresh designs!

    Christina, 1 year ago Reply

  2. What pattern quilt did Mary use when she was demoing how a secondary pattern starts to take shape….I would really like to make that quilt…and any info on fabrics would be welcomed also.

    I love what y’all do…keep on, please!!!!

    Bj Miller, 1 year ago Reply

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