Square-in-a-Square Quilt Block Tutorial

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Katy gives a step-by-step demonstration on how to fussy cut small scale prints and how to make the square-in-a-square quilt block. This quilt block is featured in Katy’s Timeless Treasures/Dear Stella Competition mini quilt. The square-in-a-square quilt block is great for using leftover charm squares and for experimenting with different color combinations.

Additionally, Katy provides expert tips on how to avoid “on point” pitfalls when making this useful little block, and introduces some innovative ideas for quilting with multicolored threads. Stay tuned for more Quilt Monkey on QNNtv.com!


Omnigrid Square ruler               Marblehead Pastel 5″ charm squares    3 Squared digital pattern


  1. Katy what a lovely video as usual I enjoy your shows very much.. On the threads , however Im going to have to disagree with you this time. I have had nothing but tangles and knots with Aurafil so I switched to Coats and Clark and EUREKA ! no more tangles or knots I dont want.. I know that the Italian thread is a “trend” right now but as for me I will go with what works .. Coats and Clark is great , I use the cotton hand quilting, cotton piecing and machine threads with great success..

    Izzy, 9 months ago Reply

  2. Your site drives me crazy trying to sign in, and then it won’t go to the videos to view, only shows me the previews. Is there any way you can help me know how to access the shows? I tried to change my email address and couldn’t, so this is the one I’m signed up with, but I get the notifications of new content at dcleak58@gmail.com – I’m so confused by this site! Carol

    Carol Leak, 9 months ago Reply

    • Carol if your expecting good customer service from this
      crowd I’m afraid your backing a loser.
      I have had several issues with them which has
      never been addresses. Thankfully, I now have
      Craftsy who have excellent customer service.
      I will not be renewing my subscription again.
      Qnntv, Fons & Porter McCalls Quilting seem to
      think their too important too bother
      replying to us THE CONSUMER.
      Even if you email them privately
      it’s only a waste of time.

      Ciara, 6 months ago Reply

    • First you need to make sure you’re a member to see the full content videos. Once you sign in, you should have full access. I find this site to be very economical since I don’t have to pay for each individual video. But videos usually aren’t as in depth either – just handle one piece of information.

      Melinda Luke, 5 months ago Reply

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