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In this free quilting video, Jean Nolte, the editor of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting—the #1 quilting magazine in the world—discusses her version of an antique quilt, Amish Buggy Wheels. To read Jean’s full article about her quilt, Amish Buggy Wheels, pick up the September/October 2013 issue of Quilty Magazine! For more fun quilting tips, easy quilting techniques, and how to quilt videos visit HeyQuilty.com. Watch free Quilty episodes at QNNtv.com/quilty and Facebook.com/qnntv!

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  1. Great episode (I love Quilty! Who else could have taught me quilt bindings so succinctly? I’ll put in a plug for Love of Quilting here too: I swore I would be a squares-only girl until Marianne and Liz hadn’t taught me half square triangles!). I love Amish quilts and they’re great inspiration. But aren’t there other reasons than machine quilting being inherently better for why newer quilts may last longer? I would imagine, for example, that a hundred-year-old quilt made in a time before central heating would get tons more hard, hard use than your average quilt now, especially in a large family with grandparents nearby and lots of kids, as Amish families tend to be, and with no gentle-cycle washing machines…

    Rochelle, 1 year ago Reply

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