How to Gradate Fabric

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How do you gradate fabric? What is color gradation? Learn how to read fabric colors and how to gradate fabric in this “Fons Girls” free quilting video. The quilt, Watershed by Megan Bohr, is featured in the September/October 2013 issue of Quilty Magazine! For more fun quilting tips, easy quilting techniques, and how to quilt videos visit Watch free Quilty episodes at and!

Mary also teaches a class on choosing fabric for your next project at!

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Watershed Digital Pattern           Quilty Sept/Oct 2013                Quilty Season 2 DVD


  1. for the fabric with red/blue take a picture sometimes dominant color comes thru also make black&white copy can show value easier

    norma, 1 year ago Reply

    • That’s just what I was going to say, good call Norma!

      MaryKay, 1 year ago Reply

  2. great video on gradation. But, some of the strips looked out of place to me. Would like to know more about why they were placed where they were. I understand that some of it is subjective, but sometimes there might be a reason and I,m at the stage where that would be helpful. A little more narrowing down.
    Thanks for the instruction!!!!!

    Peggy Edwards, 1 year ago Reply

  3. Thanks so much for all of these great tips! My cousin is an award winning Alaskan quilter so I’m rather intimidated to begin. I’m creating a tied baby quilt using linen for my niece who is due with a baby girl in a couple months. Your tips are helping me get over my fear of starting. Loved the mom/daughter duo ; )

    Darris, 1 year ago Reply

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